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Our Services

Elevating Efficiency: Queue Management Solutions by Taqwa Technology

CCTV Systems

Keep an eye on your premises with our cutting-edge CCTV solutions, offering advanced monitoring and surveillance capabilities to enhance security.

Wi-Fi System

Stay connected seamlessly with our robust Wi-Fi systems, ensuring reliable internet access across your premises for smooth operations.

Public Address System

Deliver clear and crisp audio messages across your facility with our state-of-the-art public address systems, facilitating effective communication.

Audio Video Intercom System

Enhance security and communication with our audio video intercom systems, providing convenient and secure access control solutions.

Master Clock System

Maintain precise time synchronization throughout your facility with our master clock systems, ensuring efficiency and coordination.

Audio Visual System

Elevate your presentations and communication experiences with our advanced audio visual systems, delivering immersive and impactful multimedia solutions.

Parking Guidance System

Streamline traffic flow and optimize parking space utilization with our intuitive parking guidance systems, enhancing convenience for visitors.

Queue Management System

Optimize service efficiency and improve customer experience with our streamlined queue management solution.

PABX System

Manage your communications effectively with our PABX systems, offering reliable and feature-rich private branch exchange solutions for seamless connectivity.

Nurse Call System

Ensure timely assistance and care with our nurse call systems, providing patients and staff with a reliable means of communication in healthcare facilities.

UPS System

Safeguard your critical equipment and data against power interruptions with our uninterruptible power supply systems, offering reliable backup power solutions.

Storage Solutions

Optimize space and organization with our tailored storage solutions, designed to meet your specific needs and enhance efficiency.

Access Control System

Control and monitor access to your premises with our comprehensive access control systems, providing security and peace of mind.

Structured Cabling System

Build a reliable foundation for your network infrastructure with our structured cabling systems, ensuring efficient data transmission and connectivity.

Network Active Components

Enhance the performance and reliability of your network with our high-quality network active components, optimizing data flow and communication.

Time Attendance System

Streamline attendance tracking and management with our time attendance systems, offering accurate and efficient workforce monitoring solutions.

Automatic Gate Barrier System

Improve security and traffic management with our automatic gate barrier systems, providing controlled access to restricted areas.

Lighting Control System

Enhance energy efficiency and convenience with our lighting control systems, offering automated and customizable lighting solutions for various applications.

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